Hurricane Preparedness

Junk Boss is here to help with your storm preparation and junk removal needs!

Pre-Hurrican Cleanup Services by Junk Boss

Junk Boss is the local authority on all things junk and now we’re offering up our services to help with hurricane preparedness!

How We Can Help

Our amazing staff has tons of experience and we’re ready to help with your cleanup project. We can remove items that could pose a risk during a big storm.

  • Outdoor Furniture. We can remove old patio furniture before it becomes a hazard.
  • Hot Tubs. That old spa isn’t just an eyesore, it could cause real damage during a hurricane!
  • Playsets. Let our guys take down and haul away that damaged old playset!
  • General Junk. If it’s cluttering up your yard, then we can load it up and haul it away!

Why Clean Up Before the Storm?

The CDC recommends clearing your yard before a hurricane. First, move good items inside and let Junk Boss haul away the junk! Then you can concentrate on keeping your family and pets safe during the storm!

Affordable Prices

Our junk removal services are fairly priced for you! While a franchise may have to pass on extra fees, we’re able to keep rates low. Of course, we’ll always give you an upfront quote so you’ll know exactly what to expect!

Get on the Schedule Now!

Don’t wait until the storm is rolling in! Reach out today and let’s get your property cleaned up!

  • Book Now. You can use our online system any time! All available appointments are listed and you can quickly claim the one that you would prefer.
  • Call (561) 944-6572. A team member is available to help you. Call us with any questions or to get your pre-hurricane cleanup scheduled!

Hurricane Preparedness by Palm Beach Experts

  • Local. Junk Boss is locally owned and operated in West Palm Beach, FL!
  • Community. We know the area, we care about the people, and we’ve got the skills to help you prepare!
  • Service Area. Our service area covers all of Palm Beach County!
  • Availability. We’re here to serve you! Give us a call and let’s get started!


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