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With the motto “A Good Place to Live”, you know that your days in Greenacres are going to be smooth sailing, fulfilling, and enjoyable. There’s no reason to let a bunch of needless clutter ruin that for you. Instead, come to Junk Boss with your junk removal in Greenacres needs, and we’ll be happy to solve your problem for you.

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Hasn’t everybody been in that situation where some junk is ruining their day? After a renovation or remodel for your kitchen, those old unwanted appliances just seems to pile up, like an uninvited party guest. A living room redesign later, that holey old couch is taking up space in the basement, the perfect candidate for furniture removal. Or, maybe you’ve just accumulated all sorts of general junk, like paint cans, wood scraps, old boxes of belongings, and more. Ready for the good news? Junk Boss is more than qualified to get rid of all of those things for you—and more! Operating in many service areas and taking all kinds of junk, we’ll return your property to its former self with no junk in sight. Now that’s the junk removal in Greenacres you’ve been looking for!

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First things first, let’s talk about money. Sounds alarming, but with Junk Boss, financial affairs don’t have to make you cringe and look the other way. In fact, we think you’ll quite like our straightforward pricing model: the price is based on how much room your junk uses in our truck. That’s it! No secret fees, no last-second cost adjustments. All you have to do is agree to our in-person, upfront quote before the job even starts, and that’s the final price. After all, you shouldn’t have to shell out top dollar just to get junk removal in Greenacres.

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The Easy Solution

Doing that junk removal job on your own can leave you dog tired. Furthermore, you probably had big plans for the day that you needed to cancel just to haul around junk! Doing work, watching a movie, taking a stroll through one of Greenacres’s local parks… you’d probably prefer to do anything other than Greenacres junk removal! So why not leave it to the professionals? Our uniformed and courteous team is ready to give you service that’ll leave you beaming! That way, you can do what you need to do instead!

On Time, Never Late!

As your locally owned junk removal business, we’re only a short distance up the road, so you can count on us to make it to your site on time. We offer same-day and next-day appointments as well—that way, you can let us tackle that junk ASAP and get it out of your home or business. Also, when you call us, we establish a 2-hour arrival window so you know just when to expect us! Plus, on the day of your appointment, we’ll give you a courtesy call before we arrive! This punctuality simply can’t be beat. With Junk Boss, you’ll never have to wait around—guaranteed.

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Interested in working with us? The first step to scheduling your appointment is giving us a phone call. When you do, one of our Junk Boss employees will answer the call, ready to jot down the details about your junk removal in Greenacres. Tell them about the work we can expect to do, and we’ll give you an over-the-phone cost estimate. It may surprise you how affordable junk removal from the experts can be!


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